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 Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How many Building 9 locations are there?

    There are just two Building 9 store locations in northeast Ohio:

    Medina: 546 Medina Road Medina, Ohio 44256 

    Massillon: 132 Walnut Rd. SW Massillon, Ohio 44646 (at Rt. 21)

  2. Are the items available at Building 9 new or used?

    All items at Building 9 are new items. Building 9 does not generally sell used merchandise. Some items may be seconds, b-grade or slightly damaged, while other items are new, straight from the manufacturer. Also, some items can be special ordered, such as cabinets, windows, and some flooring selections as well. See store for more information.

  3. How does adding LoE make a window more energy efficient?

    LoE2 Glass is coated with two microscopically thin metallic layers, which reflect radiant heat while permitting the passage of visible light. In hot climates, LoE2 glass reflects unwanted solar heat, helping to keep your home cooler and reduce cooling costs. LoE2 glass helps keep your home warmer in the winter as well by reflecting radiant heat back into your home. This not only keeps you more comfortable, but also helps to reduce heating expenses. LoE2 glass blocks 84% of ultraviolet rays, which will protect your drapes, furnishings and carpets from fading caused by the sun.

    LoE3 Glass delivers the ideal balance of solar control and high visibility by rejecting solar heat while maintaining clear visibility, making it the perfect glass for any climate. The secret is an unprecedented triple layer of a transparent, reflective silver coating that allows daylight to pass through while reflecting heat back to its source. Upgrading to LoE3 glass will ensure even lower heating and cooling costs while providing optimum year-round comfort and the highest energy savings.

     (Source: SilverLine)

  4. Does Building 9 sell shingles or other roofing materials?

    No. Building 9 used to sell various roofing materials in the past, but nothing is available at this time.

  5. Does Building 9 offer delivery of any kind?

    No. Building 9 does not currently have any type of delivery service. It is the customers' responsibility to arrange for product pick-up / transportation.

  6. Does Building 9 offer product installation?

    Building 9 does not offer installation services for the products it sells, however we do have contractors that we can recommend for the job from time to time.

    Contact us for more information on installation.

  7. What are "R" Values and "U" Values?

    The R-value is the resistance a material has to the flow of heat (the higher the R-value, the greater the resistance).

    The U-value is the amount of heat that is transferred through a material. (the lower the U-value, the better insulating quality).

    (Source: SilverLine)

  8. When buying a door lockset, what does the "backset" mean?

    Backset is the distance from the edge of the door (where the catch is) to the center of the bore (where the knob goes). Typical backsets are 2-3/8" and 2-3/4".

    Most locksets are adjustable to accomodate both types, however, some locksets may not be adjustable and can only be used for one or the other. Make sure the lockset you are planning on installing will fit the door you are installing it on.

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Preparation & Installation Tips

  1. How do I install a Replacement Window?

    Click here for tips on how to install a vinyl replacement window.

  2. How do I install a New Construction Window?

    Click here for information on how to install a new construction vinyl window .

  3. How do I install a Sliding Patio Door?

    Click here for information on installing a vinyl sliding patio door.

  4. How do I measure for new kitchen cabinets?

    A good kitchen design depends on accurate measurements. First, decide what you need, what you want and what you'd like to keep and incorporate in your new kitchen. Then, help organize your thoughts and make it easier for others to understand your ideas by drawing a preliminary room outline and floor plan. They don't have to be works of art, just clear overhead sketches of your new kitchen. Click here for more information.

  5. How do I install my new kitchen cabinets?

    Click here for information on installing new kitchen cabinets.

  6. What should I expect to experience with a DIY kitchen remodel project?

    "The decision to undertake a kitchen renovation is a big one. It requires a commitment of both time and money. However, it is well worth the strain of living through seemingly endless messes and inconvenience. The results can be spectacular."  For some helpful tips from, click here.

    (Source: Schrock)

  7. How do I measure my room for new flooring?

    Floor Area = Length of room x Width of room

     The foundation of a solid redecorating plan includes accurate dimensions of your living space. To start, we suggest creating an accurate Floor Plan. Here is what you will need to get started.

     Recommended Tools:

    1. 25–foot metal tape measure. Look for one that locks and retracts.
    2. Graph paper: The grid makes it much easier to sketch an accurate plan.
    3. Drafting tools: A ruler, pencils with erasers, a clipboard.

    Basic Measuring Instructions are as follows:

    1. Before measuring, make a rough sketch of the basic floor plan, including walls, windows, hallways, closets and door placements. Don't worry too much about it being proportional at this point.
    2. With your rough sketch in hand, start measuring. Measure in running dimensions as much as possible. Fix the tape measure at one corner and run the tape along the side of the room, taking note of the measurement each time on your rough sketch.
    3. Make additional measurements and notes on the drawing as you see fit. These might include the ceiling height, trim width, flooring or wall materials, etc.
    4. With your new measurements and a new sheet of graph paper, redraw your floor plan to accurately represent your room’s proportions.
    5. Make photocopies of the finished drawing. You can use the copies anytime you need to talk to a retailer about new flooring or window accents, or even when rearranging furniture.

    (Source: MohawkFlooring.com)

  8. What does "handing" refer to on a door?

    Handing is how a door opens. Generally, you want a door to open toward a wall if one is nearby and away from the traffic flow. Imagine yourself standing in front of the door, outside the room or building.

    If the door swings in and opens to the left, it’s a left hand swing. If the door swings out, it is a left hand reverse (for outswing).

    If you’re standing in front of the door and it swings to the right, it’s a right hand swing. If the door swings out and opens to the right, it’s a reverse right hand swing (for outswing).

    (Source: PlanItDIY)

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